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Death Valley

Yesss!! We finally made it to Death Valley and back. Benny ran great. With only two minor flaws, Tara ran out of battery’s in the camera,so we didn’t get as many pics as we wanted, and the temp gauge didn’t work, but I’ll check into that tomorrow.

We stayed at Furnace Creek campsite witch was a great campsite, but a bit more than what I wanted to pay. Our first night we made a awesome potato soup on the rocket stove. And played games.

rocket stove

When we woke in the morning I opened the door and closed the screen and within 5 minutes a roadrunner came right up to the door.


While we were eating breakfast I saw a coyote probably 50 feet away. I would have a pic for you but someone forgot the battery’s for the camera. :)

we finished up breakfast and were off to to hike at Badwater salt flats. This place was very interesting, the ground not only looked like snow it felt like you were walking on snow.

Badwater Salt - Death Valley

Next we traveled north to check out Scotty’s Castle a must see if your in this neck of the woods, or shall I say desert. :) We were privileged enough to take a tour. The house is full of unique and beautiful woodwork definitely a must see for any woodworker.

Scottys Castle

We also took the underground tour which was a 1/4 mile of underground tunnels leading to different locations on the grounds. What I thought was interesting about this part of the tour was a underground observation room so you can see people swimming in the “lake”.

We then headed back to camp and enjoyed dinner, and read Harry Potter by campfire.