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Birthday Skydiving!!

Holy crap!! Let me tell you jumping out of a plane is a very freeing and cleansing experience. Knowing that this could be the last couple of minutes on earth, really makes you think of what is important in life. I thought I was going to be so nervous when the door opened up to jump out. I was the exact opposite ready to jump, ready to conker the task at hand. If I could do this I could do anything in life.

The jump:

The initial feeling was OH SHIT!! But after we stopped spinning and flattened out it was amazing. I was free, able to see everything for miles. The adrenaline rush was overpowering. I felt like when I left the plane I was leaving all my baggage in it, and starting something new something with meaning. Here’s to a new start and a new look on life.

New Blog

Wondering what this new blog is about?

  • I’m not a writer.
  • Hence why I haven’t blogged in almost a year
  • But I really wanted to blog about our travels.
  • So I thought it would be easier to do it in bullet points and photos.
  • With that in mind here is the new blog, hope you enjoy.

San Diego Fun

Fun on the Ostrich

Juggling at the Pacific

Running Away


  • Rode a carousel for the first time
  • Juggled by the ocean
  • Played in the water

See ya on the flip side!

Family Fun in La Crosse

The past month we have been in Wisconsin. Its so hard to post about everything, so I’ll just pick some of the highlights.

We spent time in La Crosse. This is where I was born and both my mom’s and my dad’s family is still there.

My aunt and uncle were kind enough to let us stay on their farm for two weeks. (Thanks Aunt TT and Uncle Ron!) My other aunt and uncle let us borrow their car while in town so it was easy to get around. (Thanks Aunt Sally and Uncle Scott!) Here’s a couple of pics of the family hanging out around the fire:



We also had dinner with my other side of the family but I was having so much fun I forgot to take pics. It was nice to catch up with everyone. I haven’t seen most of my family in WI for 8 years.

Lots of get-together’s and eating. My grandma made yummy rhubarb pie, and my aunt Sally made Almond Hershey Pie. I bet I gained 10 pounds while in Wisconsin. ;)

Here is a pic of my Aunt Nancy and Uncle John and I. They came all the way down from MN to see us. I feel so special. They’re the greatest.

Justin, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Jon

Man, I think its time to shave my head.

I love all of my family; they are so great. I hope to come back soon and visit again.

For Z’s birthday we went horseback riding. It was so much fun and he really loved it.

Zeb and Annie

Justin and Gus

Here’s to family and fun times!