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Benny let me down

We set out this morning to go to Death Valley, to let Benny spread his wings and see what he can do. Every thing was going good??? And then from under the dashboard a puff of smoke came, and then the engine died, the turn signals didn’t work, the radio didn’t work. Fuck this is how you repay me after all the work I’ve put into you. So we coasted to a safe spot and pulled over. I thought hmmm I bet its a fuse or a relay or maybe even a wire that grounded out. So I checked all the fuses and wires and everything seemed to be ok. So I called my Dad to see if he can come and help me figure it out. We tried to see if the engine would turn over by using a screwdriver to hit the + and the – on the solenoid but nothing happened. At this point I am at a loss, and don’t know what to do. So I called a tow company to come and pick Benny up. I guess I’ll find out more tomorrow when I talk to the mechanic. Hopefully its something simple. I would post pics but Benny doesn’t deserve any fame today he let me down. Thanks Dad for all your help. And thanks Elizabeth for the number to the tow truck.