My life and travels in bullet points


Drive thru Virginia!

Here is a video we took driving on skyline drive in Shenandoah NP. Enjoy!!

Birthday Skydiving!!

Holy crap!! Let me tell you jumping out of a plane is a very freeing and cleansing experience. Knowing that this could be the last couple of minutes on earth, really makes you think of what is important in life. I thought I was going to be so nervous when the door opened up to jump out. I was the exact opposite ready to jump, ready to conker the task at hand. If I could do this I could do anything in life.

The jump:

The initial feeling was OH SHIT!! But after we stopped spinning and flattened out it was amazing. I was free, able to see everything for miles. The adrenaline rush was overpowering. I felt like when I left the plane I was leaving all my baggage in it, and starting something new something with meaning. Here’s to a new start and a new look on life.

North Michigan


Savana and Uncle Justin


Zeb and the gravatron

Sleeping Bear View



Juggling 6!


Northern Michigan Highlights:

  • Enjoying time spent with my nieces and family
  • Fun at the fair
  • Zebs birthday
  • Sleeping bear sand dunes
  • Anniversary dinner and beach time with my one and only. :)   I love you baby!!
  • And of course Juggling love.

South Dakota

Mount Rushmore

Gold Panning

Gold mine tour

Zeb at the Cosmos in SD

Badlands erosion

Night Sky over Badlands

South Dakota Highlights:

  • touring a old school living roof homestead
  • Hiking the Badlands National Park
  • Getting sideways in the mud with the fifth wheel
  • Seeing prairie dogs for the first time
  • touring Mt. Rushmore
  • Panning for gold and a tour of a gold mine
  • A fantastic 4th of July
  • The evening sky program at the Badlands
  • Wierdness on the tour of the Cosmo’s

Boise Id, Yellowstone Wy

Linda and Andrew

View in Boise

Father's Day in LEGO

Yellowstone Bison

Bubbling Paint Pots

Old Faithful during eruption

Juggling Snow Balls


Boise Highlights:

  • Time spent with marvelous friends.
  • Hiking along the Oregon Trail, and seeing the ruts from the wagons.
  • A SWEET Fathers Day present, and a day spent with my two favorite people!

Yellowstone Highlights:

  • Seeing bison, bald eagles, deer, antelope, and elk.
  • Seeing the Paint Pots, and enjoying the sulfur smell.
  • Watching Old Faithful erupt.
  • Juggling snowballs for the first time, and juggling with bison.

Eugene, Or and Vashon, Wa

Juggling at Saturday Market

At Sweet Creek

His first time to the beach

on the ferry

the needle\

Veg kit installation



Oregon Highlights:

  • Juggling at the Eugene Saturday market
  • Great hikes
  • Hanging with Clark the Veggie Guru
  • Bear’s first trip to the ocean

Washington Highlights

  • LIFE is Good unschooling conference
  • Ferry to Vashon island
  • Destroying the fifth wheel bumper getting off the ferry
  • Hanging with the ever so awesome Swiss Army Wife and her family
  • Playing tourist in Seattle
  • Veggin TJ’s and Heather’s RV

Bodega Bay and The Redwoods

Justin in the Redwoods

Corkscrew Tree

Funny treehugger

My guys on The Sky Trail

Almost as tall as me

On the edge

Enjoying the view


  • We saw Breath taking views at Bodega Bay
  • We saw the worlds largest tree
  • We took a gondola ride over the Redwoods
  • We walked among giants
  • We hiked where Star Wars 6 was filmed
  • And we we we we all the way home

See ya on the flipside!